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Barre Fitness: The Best Way To A Dancer’s Body Without Dancing

What exactly is a dancer’s body? Well, it sounds exactly like it is–  toned muscles, tight waist, flexible, long & lean. For a long time the only way to get a ‘dancer’s body’ was to, well, dance! Now, Barre fitness classes have come to shake up that attitude! If you didn’t grow up in a dancing studio, you can still get that lean yet strong body by completing the hour long classes that focus on ballet-inspired positions and small, tiny, isometric movements.

When it comes to working out, we often tend to think more is best, go hard or go home, etc. With Barre, women can see quick results after a few weeks, because the movements target and isolate each muscle. Plus, classes often tend to include some cardio (so they still get your heart pumpin’!) and still are low-impact. Barre classes are safe for everyone, so you may be a fitness junkie looking to shake up your routine, or new to scene trying something that will get you hooked, barre is perfect for you!

Benefits of Barre go beyond “looks” too! By regularly participating in the classes, you can expect better posture, improved flexibility and reduced stress. If you’re a fan of yoga and pilates classes, barre also is inspired by these two disciplines, so this might very well be up your alley. Barre classes are almost always smaller and more intimate, so if you’re looking for that highly motivating and encouraging fitness class, you may want to check it out!

Barre classes can exist at both gyms that offer a variety of classes as well as Barre studios. Even if you’re not a fan of dancing routines or dancing-based fitness classes (think ZUMBA), you’ll still be able to sculpt that sexy ‘dancer’s body’!