Healing Power of Art

Intuitive Painting

Art has always been a way to express oneself and a method of not only relaxation but
meditation as well. In the Healing Power of Art, we acknowledge that art, in its many forms, can
do a number of things. As we all know, this weight loss journey, as unique as it is for each of
us, comes with restrictions. Wouldn’t you love to be doing something where no rules apply?
Well, I’m going to take you there this month with another coloring concept called “Intuitive
What is intuitive painting? This art form is one of the purest forms of expression and is known
as a spiritually creative process. As an artistic form of meditation, intuitive painting is used to
increase and strengthen your intuition and instincts, which means that your artwork isn’t
governed by any rules whatsoever. However, it does matter if it’s pretty or ugly, thick lines or
thin lines, light or dark and even big or small, but it DOESN’T matter what it is. Many use this as
a way to differentiate between your intuitive mind and analytical mind. As a matter of fact, you
can even put a blindfold over your eyes and just paint or, you can go a step further, if you’re up
for the challenge, if you’re right-handed, out the paint brush in your left hand and just paint.
Whatever you do is fine because it’s artwork with NO boundaries, guidelines or techniques, so
nothing matters.That being said, it can require a lot of devotion, but those who practice it have
loved the journey.
It’s GREAT! And sometimes you need that kind of stress release to be able to not have a care in
the world and just let go. There has to be an area in your life where you can apply this practice,
a place in your life where you are allowed that kind of freedom, sort of like a judgment free
You don’t need to be “creative” or a skilled artist to practice this art form. Intuitive painting
doesn’t teach you how to be creative, but it helps you become a better you. Intuitive painting
can be a soul-searching activity, helping you let go of life’s stresses and trust in your
subconscious mind. The art can be messy or neat, “pretty” or not, whatever comes to mind,
place it on paper. There is no right or wrong, just be who you naturally are.
Art is meant to be a release from the pressures of conformity and with intuitive painting, you can
do just that. So, take a deep breath, pick up your brush, dip it in your paint …. NOW PAINT 🙂