Wellness Corner

Building Immune System// Camomile oil

There is nothing quite like a mug of Camomile tea at night before bedtime.  It’s relaxing, it tastes delicious with a little honey, and it’s great for helping you fall asleep.  It’s also excellent for your immune system!  However, when you’re on the go, you most likely do not have the time (or the access for that matter) to brew a cup and feel immediate effects.  No need to worry though, because there are other ways to ingest Camomile!  One of the best ways to take advantage of what Camomile has to offer is by taking it in its essential oil form.  

Camomile oil has been used for centuries, dating back to roman times when soldiers believed that it would give them the courage to fight in the war.  Since then, it has been used for a number of different health health benefits, and the smell of the oil has certainly kept it popular among collectors of essential oils.  

One of the greatest benefits to camomile oil is a strengthened immune system.  By adding a drop or two of it to your water or tea, and ingesting it, you are helping your body combat against everyday dangers that try to make their way into your system.  It can help against anything as small as the common cold, to cancer, by inhibiting the duplication of cancer cells.  Camomile oil can also work as an anti-inflammatory, as well as a blood-pressure reducer.  There is no shortage to what this concentrate can do!