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Food Find: Quinoa

Superfood to the rescue!  This month’s food find is one of the hottest health foods on the market today, quinoa.  It’s something we see all of the time in celebrity food Instagrams, as well as every health food blog from this end of the Earth to the next.  Why is everyone so crazy about these tiny pearls?  The answer is simple: Quinoa is healthy and delicious!

Chenopodium Quinoa, or just Quinoa for short, is a flowering plant that originated in the Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and other countries in the Andean region.     Its composition is similar to rice and wheat, making it a part of the “cereal” family.  Quinoa is actually a seed, making it easy and rather accessible to grow.  However, they need to be cooked before they are consumed, or else you’ll be in for a very bitter taste.

Quinoa is packed with fiber and nutrients, so it’s great to eat with any sort of diet.  It is also gluten free!  It’s usually prepared either on it’s own as a side dish, or it’s served in an entire meal, such as a salad or a grain bowl.  It tastes good both hot and cold as well.  If you are looking to try quinoa, or if you need a new recipe with the delicious pearls, then check out our recipe of the month!